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Things I like or think are really cool :) I set it to random so that every artwork stands a chance of being seen rather than just the ones I added most recently. Every one of them deserves to be seen more than once on my profile :)

Army Of Teacups!

I can honestly say that this is all Mattsma's fault for inspiring us to do this as she started with the first of them and then I made the second one and then it snowballed... This is the full army of teacups, in order of creation, as of the time of writing - I will try to keep it more or less up to date.

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Personal Journal: An update

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 17, 2014, 5:51 AM

I've been mostly away from dA and the internet for a while and left a load of loose ends as a result. I did wonder for a while if I should say anything at all but I know there are people wondering what's going on. For those of you wondering where I disappeared to and what's going on please continue reading.

Things have not gone well for me in the offline world in more than one way.

As a few of you may remember I suffer from both palindromic rheumatism and arthritis, with the arthritis currently only in my left knee, so when my left knee started playing up I did what I have always been told to do: exercise more. Luck had it that the day the pain started I was due to get the blood tests for my bi-annual rheumatologist check up so I knew that I'd see it show up in the tests. However the tests showed that it wasn't my arthritis playing up but a knee injury of some sort so my additional exercise had really messed my knee up. My dr initially gave me meds to take to help sort out my knee but they made me really ill from the side effects so I had to stop taking them. The only thing left was resting my knee - and to do this comfortably I had to lie in bed - miles away from my computer. It took nearly a month for the pain to not come back after doing something as simple as do the weekly food shop and even longer for me to be able to do more than that.

This didn't help with my other issues as last 9 months or so have been exceedingly stressful for me for many reasons and eventually it got too much for me and i couldn't cope any more. Added to that I had things I'd signed up to do here on dA such as the judging of a competition over on stitchingpirates and the making of the prizes for it. pinkythepink wisely removed me as a judge which was a huge relief for me and I'm very grateful that she did bite the bullet as I wasn't really wanting to admit defeat even though I should have.

So while my knee is doing better I'm still not there mentally and am slowly crawling back out of the nervous breakdown I have.

What this means is that for now I'm going to be taking things slowly.

:bulletblack: I will be contacting the prize winners of the competition about their prizes asap. I haven't finished the prizes yet which will mean they can choose which colour they want before I do them :)
:bulletblack: ProjectBacon will return when I can do it again. Perhaps it will be an irregular schedule at first - we will see.
:bulletblack: To reduce stress here on dA I'll be looking at my watch list and re-evaluating it and/or adjusting settings so I get no watch messages. Right now every time I glance at dA I get overwhelmed by how many messages there are and often just close the page without doing anything else, so I really need to do something.

Crafty news:
I barely did any stitching/creating at all during this time, however when my boyfriend came on May 1st to visit he gave me an embroidery which I started while he was here. It's not all that large, 78 x 48 stitches, so would normally take me 2 weeks at most  but it's taken me till last Saturday to complete - although admittedly I did have to add an additional 3 rows of stitching to make it 78 x 51 stitches for reasons I will explain when I upload the photo :)


Magical525's Profile Picture
Making the most out of scraps - and other things too!
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts

About me
What to tell about myself... I'm cheerful and creative - when I'm in the right mood I create more than I can keep up with so it's always a challenge to finish what I start as I have so many idea's. I don't let stuff like not knowing how to do something stop me from actually doing it - I may not do it "right" in the end but I do get it done!

I'm a mother of 2 boys who are (fortunately) not yet teenagers ;) but are a pair of monkeys who keep me on my toes :)


About saying thanks to favs etc.
I had to make a choice between spending a load of time thanking people for favouriting my art - which always brings a smile to my face and a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart - or making more art.

I chose to stop thanking people personally for the favourites but I do still give everyone who favourites me for the first time a llama badge as a little thank you for doing so :) I hope that nobody feels less appreciated for it but well.. someone stole my time machine :( If you need more inspiration as to why I chose this watch this:… It's good advice for anyone who creates art :)


Do I sell my work?
Sometimes - Not everything I make is for sale but I don't usually mark anything as "for sale" so If you are interested in something I've made feel free to note me. I only accept reasonable offers as making things by hand takes time and materials cost real money, so expect to pay more for a one off item than you would for that mass produced knick-knack you saw in a shop.

My birthday badge

Autumn Divider - Free by etNoir

Please don't thank me for giving you points. favs or llama's etc. there really is no need to :)


In the new year there will be... 

11 deviants said I shall challenge myself do do more complicated things
10 deviants said More art :excited:
9 deviants said More of the same
2 deviants said More excersise
2 deviants said Other (please comment)
1 deviant said Everything will get better :)
No deviants said Diets!!


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